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Walkabout Films
The Inside Story - Fighting Fistula in Pakistan.

Walkabout Films makes UNFPA documentary titled :

The Inside Story Fighting Fistula in Pakistan

This documentary raises awareness about the causes and consequences of

fistula, while highlighting the steps taken by UNFPA to erase fistula 
from Pakistan.

A vast majority of women in Pakistan deliver at home. It is common for 
these births to be attended by unqualified and untrained midwives, with 
little or no knowledge to handle any complications during delivery.

Fistula is a drastic postpartum complication which makes the lives of 
its victims miserable. If untreated women are left with severe 
disabilities and unable to control their excretory functions. An 
estimated 3000-5000 women in Pakistan develop fistula annually as a 
result of prolonged obstructed labour.

Fistula is common in developing countries where women remain hidden due 
to the stigma and shame attached to this condition.

In order to restore dignity to the affected women, UNFPA-Pakistan  has 
set up 7 fistula repair centres throughout the country, where after a 
minor operation fistula victims are treated successfully and integrated 
back into society.