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Walkabout Films
Leopards Amongst Us completed

The Common Leopard Project that Walkabout Films documented in partnership with WWF-Pakistan has been completed. The groundbreaking project covers the issues surrounding the Common Leopard and the area, with special emphasis to the Ayubia National Park.

Wildlife and people are in conflict and the only way to find solutions is when we all have a good and clear understanding of the issues.

We are all partners on this planet and we have to work together.

This project was made possible by the personal support of Mr. Hamza Shabaz Sharif and his passion for wildlife.

We are grateful to the Human Welfare and Nature Conservation Organization for supporting the project, to the KPK Wildlife Department for their support and guidance and to the many people and organizations who helped make the project possible.

The project videos shall be available to view on our temporary website www.thegivebackproject.org from the first week of July 2014.