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Walkabout Films
Launching of ‘Our History - A Journey Through Time

Through our first three films on Taxila, Rohtas Fort, and Lahore Fort & Shalimar Gardens, we draw back the veil on the remarkable cultural heritage of Pakistan, helping to preserve it so that future generations might take a glimpse into their past.


UNESCO has declared 6 of its historical and archeological sites as being of ‘outstanding cultural importance to the common heritage of humanity.’ These treasures are part of Pakistan’s multi-cultural heritage. They hold the key to the history of Pakistan, and the ancestry of its people…. And they also belong to the rest of the world, as a record of human civilization.


Sadly, many of these treasures have been badly damaged and looted over the years. There is very little awareness in Pakistan of our cultural history and the importance of preserving it.


Award-winning documentary filmmaker Walkabout Films joins hands with USAID to bring education and awareness of these sites to the Pakistani public through the magical medium of film.

From the ancient civilizations of the Indus Valley dating back more than 7 millennia, Buddhist sites that unveil northern Pakistan as the very heartland of Buddhism in the 5th century BCE, and white marble palaces that epitomize the golden age of Mughal architecture, Pakistan’s cultural history is extraordinary and diverse.